Making the Rounds- Summer 2020


K ern Medical’s Mujeres en Medicina Team was established in 2018 to help lead the Health Careers Program. The program directly focuses on providing low-income, minority students with additional resources to reach academic and career success by helping create positive relationships between students and successful professionals in healthcare. This creates an awareness and understanding in hopes of building the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. The Health Careers Pathway Program at Kern Medical gives our residents and staff a platform to share their success stories with students, while also giving them the opportunity to mentor students and help spark interest in health careers. Through our program, students belonging to underserved areas of Kern County are brought into our hospital to participate in a half day program where they get to hear from speakers, participate in hands- on training workshops, and tour different areas of the hospital, and gaining exposure to various careers in healthcare. These activities are led by our Residents and Medical Students, and is strongly supported

organized a total of 8 half day events with schools such as Taft and Arvin, among others, and having over 229 students participate in our program. Please contact Aidee Cardenas at (661) 489-5255 or to see how you can support Mujeres en Medicina.

by the Residency Program Directors and Administration, who often join our events and share their own personal stories. Mujeres en Medicina continues to be a huge success in our organization, allowing us to secure funding that supports having a pipeline program for children in underserved areas. Since June 2019, this leadership team has


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