Making the Rounds- Summer 2020



The new state-of-the-art Valley Fever Institute opened in the Summer of 2020. The Valley Fever Institute is a patient-centered specialty care clinic, designed to meet the needs of patients, families, and caregivers. The Institute has a therapeutic environment with enough space for loved ones to accompany patients during appointments and treatments. Care is tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of each patient and their loved ones, from transportation concerns and side effects of medication, to impacts on mental and emotional health that accompany chronic diseases. In addition to being California’s premiere Valley Fever clinical center, it is also house the Valley Fever Institute’s research operations. Having research conducted on-site enables patients to easily participate in research studies and clinical trials, aiding us in the search for more effective treatments, and ultimately a cure. For the first time ever, the Valley Fever Institute brings together groundbreaking research, revolutionary patient treatment and diagnostics, and comprehensive education for patients, community members, and physicians. The Valley Fever Institute at Kern Medical is the only center in the world where Valley Fever patient care, research, advocacy, medical education, public education, and awareness initiatives exist in a cohesive program . Our team is uniquely equipped to lead the charge in the minimization of the impact this disease has on patients and their families. Donor Recognition Opportunities are Available Throughout the Valley Fever Institute Interested in naming one of our rooms?

Please contact Evan Lanuza at (661) 489-5231 or


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